Monday, 6 February 2012

Perhaps the story of black burger is an old news, but I could not resist the urge to write that black burger on this blog, it's just so exciting!
Quick, once again made a sensation! After a few years ago, Quick launched a foei gras burger, one month ago they introduced the black hamburger. And this black burger immediately attracted the attention of French.
The launching of this unique burger was actually a part of the promotion of Star Wars Episode I 3D in France. Therefore, this black hamburger earned the nickname of 'Dark Vador Burger'.

As the name suggests, its uniqueness lies in its solid black bun with beef, cheese, and vegetables. In addition, there are also several other types of burgers with the name of a character in the Star Wars movie, like the Jedi Burger.

Both burgers are offered in two different versions. These burgers were marketed across the network of Quick with time-limited, lasting only for one month.
Previously, Quick also has made several promotions that attract public attention, not only in France but also worldwide. They are foie gras burger for Christmas and the only halal burgers for French Muslims.

Quick is a franchise of Belgium which first opened its branches in France about 30 years ago. Until now Quick has over 362 outlets scattered throughout France.

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