Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ever feel guilty after eating junk food? In the United States, 2 of 3 adults are overweight or obese. One of the reasons, is the penchant of people to consume junk foods. Here are top 10 high-calorie foods in United State of America.

Junk food contains trans fat 2-fold of calories than carbohydrates and proteins. High number of calories in the body makes a person get fat, even obese. This can lead to the emergence of heart disease and cancer.

According to the Dietary Guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, adult's calorie requirement per day is 2.000 kcal. This 2.000 kcal is not for one meal, but for all foods and beverages that are consumed during all day.

A nutritionist from the University of Texas, Lona Sandon, mentions that people can enjoy delicious high-calorie foods only once or twice a year. The rest, would be a problem for waist circumference and health.

And even worse, many restaurants in the United States are now competing to break the record for presenting a super fatty foods. You will be amazed to see the number of calories in one serving of these foods which almost meet the needs of calories in a day or even 3 days.

1. Personal PANormous Meat Lover's Pizza, Pizza Hut (1.470 kcal)
A serving of pizza consists of ham, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, beef burgers, and cheese and abundant sauce. This specially for meat lovers pizza is claimed to be 80% larger than a personal pan pizza ever.
2. Chicken Pasta Carbonara Breadbowl, Domino's Pizza (1.480 kcal)
Breadbowl is freshly baked bread, with pasta covered in and cream. The amount of trans fat and carbohydrate in it are far surpasses the protein, fiber, and fresh ingredients in it.
3. Shack Stack at Shake Shack (1500 kcal)
This burger consists of a pile of bread, two beef burgers, two singles cheese, fried Portobello mushroom filled with cheese. This giant burger is the most popular menu at Shake Shack.

4. Tuna Melt, Quizno (1.535 kcal)
This sandwich consists of tuna salad, cheese, fresh vegetables, and mayonnaise. However, it turns out the fat in it reaches 110 grams.
5. Big Box Meal, KFC (1.680 kcal)
A serving of this menu can be enjoyed by a whole family. In this big bowl, there are drumsticks, chicken strips, popcorn chickens, two additional menus (side dishes), biscuits, and optional potato wedges or baked beans.
6. Double Meatball Marinara with Cheese, Subway (1.720 kcal)
the meatball was mixed with cheese and tomato sauce makes this meal high in calories, fat, and sodium.
7. Fried Banana Split (2,000 kcal)
These desserts are balls of banana, honey, and peanut butter, then coated with flour and then fried. Then, these balls dusted with powdered sugar, given the caramel topping and chocolate syrup, nuts, whipped cream, banana-flavored ice cream, and cherries. Can you imagine the calories in each spoon?
8. Burrito, Jack n Grills (3.764 kcal)
Here, women are challenged to eat up a burrito containing eggs, ham, peppers, potatoes, cheese, and onions. Those who managed to eat a whole 3.5 kg meal without going to toilet, are rewarded with a free meal ticket for entire life.
9. Mega Mel Burger, Mel's Country Cafe (4.556 kcal)
Per serving of this giant burger are made from ¾ pounds ground beef, ½ kg of bacon, and 1 / 8 pounds American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and bread.
10. Fifth Third Burger, Fifth Third (4,800 kcal)
Here is the giant food that has unusual high calories. Burger consists of an 8-inch bread, five pieces of hams, five pieces of singles cheese, one cup of chili sauce, corn chips, and abundant salsa sauce. It's so big, that makes this burger appeared on Unwrapped, Food Network channel.



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